Blooms College is an independent, fully boarding, co-educational Nigerian-British curriculum Secondary School. It is designed to be one of the most Prestigious International Schools in Nigeria.

We run both the Junior and Senior Secondary programmes as specified in the Nigerian National Policy on Education.

In a very short time, we will earn an enviable reputation for providing a World first class post primary education and excellent pastoral care for every child; instilling traditional core values such as integrity, hardwork, morality, conscience and good character.

We provide the best elements of an International Education within a traditional Nigerian framework deeply rooted on global education practices. Our purpose is to promote the full development of every child by providing a secure, professional and caring learning environment in which each student is encouraged to develop to his/her individual potential.

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We employed only the best of the best


Blooms Schools, City College Road, By Royal Mills and Foods


Insipred, confident and ready.

To provide a well-rounded education that prepares the child to be useful and productive member of the society.

Our aim is to educate and prepare children in character and learning for future leadership roles.

The overriding goal is to create a conducive environment for students of BLOOMS ACADEMY to:

Function Effectively as global citizens in the 21st Century and beyond.
Be future leaders with sterling character traits, endued with the fear of God and possess distinct qualities to fulfil their destinies.
Develop a positive image, team spirit and respect for others.

Why choose us

24 hours mobile police surveillance serene environment

24/7 CCTV monitored School environment

24/7 Solar powered Electricity

2 units of 240 KVA stand-by generating Sets

48 Air-conditioned spacious classroom with electronic interactive smart boards.

A well-equipped language laboratory ,music studio,Art studio,Technical/Technology workshop, Laboratories (Biology, Physics, Chemistry) each with an electronic board.

24 air- conditioned offices equipped with Modern office furniture and equipment

A hybrid air-conditioned multi-media ICT Centre with more than 100 desktops and laptops

A well-equipped clinic with 10-bed capacity

Working hours

  • Mon-Wed 7:30 - 18:00
  • Thu-Fri 7:30 - 18:00
  • Sat 9:35 - 14:00
  • Holidays 10:40 - 11:20

We Teach, We Care


Admission into Blooms College is open to all, but strictly on merit, based on the result of the competitive placement tests and interviews. Application forms are also available on line, on www.bloomsacademy.sch.ng


Our curriculum is very suitable for students of all Nationalities and a range of academic ability. Again, as a co-educational exclusive boarding secondary school, students are welcome from different countries and backgrounds.


Our staff is made up of carefully selected highly qualified expatriates and Nigerian classroom practitioners. They have the necessary skills and experience to get to know and understand each student’s behaviour, personality and specific needs.
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The specially constructed school buildings are set in grassed landscaped grounds with sporting facilities. Our fully equipped classrooms are spacious, well-furnished and air-conditioned.
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Education at Blooms College is learner-centered. By balancing both academic and non-academic programmes, we give our students the opportunity to develop their own values and attitudes as well as adding to their skills and knowledge, laying firm foundation for the future.


Our staff is made up of carefully selected highly qualified expatriates and Nigerian classroom practitioners.
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